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Eirwan Merican
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Hold until qr lah.. should be able to break above 0.180
By end feb 2021... good company, just people so used to seeing goreng counter not used to invest anymore. Investing is the principal of stock market.
Eirwan Merican
Prediction only..knowing the company background personally make me an avid investor of dps. But with that being said and done, dont base your trading base on some random stranger on the internet.. make your own decision.

If looking for fifo.. this counter does not suit you, try looking at the "top active" section in bursa
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Mohd Zahari Jusoh
Kompang sudah dipalu tapi masih tak nak jalan2
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Amirul Hizal
Kompang dipalu topanten balu..
Eh..ehh... Eh...ehh...
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yusran mahmud
fly fly fly
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Jacky Leong
will wait until 2023, next time hopefully i can show this post to other, tp 0.4
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Han Siew
Lambat sangat...
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