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James Chua
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warrant B又是如何算?我有1000张变500张吗?价钱会调高吗?
Temor 86
Yup boss...
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Pavitzy Ushay
yes ur shares will be 500 lot let's say d price now times 2 will be d opening price or might gap up
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Ing Jin
based on normal consolidated exercises, will the price up or down?
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Good Fellow
Price will normally up as the number of shares decrease after consolidated. Lower number of shares means banker easier to push.. maybe this is the purpose they consolidate
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holding warrants need to fill up the form as mention in the announcement?
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Exi Wong
Holding warrants no need to fill up form... hold it as usual.
But if you want to exercise the conversion to mother share ... only then to fill up form & make payment accordingly. currently the exercise price is 6 cents per share.
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