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SS Lim
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Positive QR. So unexpected.
Endress Hauser 2014
Also cash in hand more than 40m, with no debt or loan...very healthy company!
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Richard Mah
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up up up
Kim Seng Lim
我的0. 295为什么不吃完,还留4100给我
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Gwee Chun Kiat
Let you earn more after price up above 0.3
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Akmal Yaziz
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Lawanya kamu, Bila mau terbang?
Ashyraf Awesome
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Shall expect upward movement in the near future
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听无常直播all in的你 cut loss了吗? 无常卖完给你跑人咯
Hanns Ee
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傻傻的去玩无常callbuy的股!多少人cut loss了?
Oon Chuan Chiew
那些看到你留言cut loss的还真的被你害惨了
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