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All Comments on AIRASIA Reload

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wing chun
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hello mana 50 cent gang? chance never come second time! please wait 2030 year. Bye
Weil Wai Quan Tang
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Michael Lai
stocks are rising, why aren't they crashing, i dun understand what magic hands behind the rising. warrant only recently sold his airlines holding. is really hard to time the market.
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Ken Law
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Andrew Wong
Lol u guys got some much bullet to average every month
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Tony 说的话需要打折扣 甚至倒过来听
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Sk Lee
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wing chun
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Siew Ming Wong
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Victor Yong
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right issue to raise fund is possible
henry liew
If right issue too much might bring reverse effect, example MAS caused dilution by issuing too much shares.
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Andrew Leong
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should i keep?
Andrew Leong
seems to be going up
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Brandon Loo
Hi all SKL, 82 cents already... take profit from 50cent hold till now... lol
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Fungal Investor
Anyone know is there any layoff of staff?
Fungal Investor
"Quite" deep.....................
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Rainbow Sky
mr.ah ahhh , and mr.fungal.. sound like mr.funk... if don't know what happening to airasia staff dont simply put your point of view..... contact your friend work with airasia to know more detail ..
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Black Whale
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Let's see whether the plane will crash to 30 cents before a merger. Its about time
Fungal Investor
Tony and Datuk K can give AA loan
Stevenliau Kuang Shing
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If AirAsia unable to get a loan from Government to support AA operation during a world lockdown season, AA might be GAME OVER. FYI, Buffet Warren just sold off share from Delta Airlines.
Kc Chong Francis
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See you at 0.20
Calvin Chee
0.20 correct !
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Yes support
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