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All Comments on GCB Reload

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Steve Cheah Siew Wai
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GCB exercise of WB update.
up to date has been exercised 19,701,397 million shares or value Rm32,507,305
= 11.7% of total warrent B
Nicholas You Wei
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jinyuen wong
如果是用着rakuten trade买进,如何转换去母股?
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Sian Jin Low
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18/03/2020: 大市不好,不确定gcb还能不能维持max sale, 因为如果不能维持的话,加上它建立和购买的两个厂可能会导致产量过剩的问题,所以gcb有待观察一两季先。不要乱买入比较好。
kok chun yuan
定一点 , 下星期推基本面股
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Desmond Lau
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Lu Si
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Tan Eng Boon
As about 70% of its sales, namely of cocoa butter, is based on this pricing model, changes in raw material prices are passed on to its customers almost immediately.
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Tai La In
us cocoa future is uptrend since last week. cocoa price up gcb revenue will increase.
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Mun S Chan
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gcb gcb 又没勁了
Brian Lew
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up up and away....
Mun S Chan
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gcb gcb, 终于抬头了
Jason Koh
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Ricardo Milos
如果从 property list ,他们的确是有一间工程在 jalan timah 2
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Jyp Edison
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Steve Cheah Siew Wai
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其实 22% of total shares DBT 价位在2.75是谁拿了这票呢?
share buy back again