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Jack Soo
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连续两天都是rm1.4, 几时能提高上去
Teow Chor Ti
if t b
Dr moy see e
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Sid T
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Will elk desa benefit from furniture trend?
unlikely, it's furniture business is insignificant to overall financial result
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Zhi Han Sew
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公司业绩年年增长15-20%,已经连续10个quarter青色,生意越做越大,NPL 跟同行比较是最低,甚至接近银行的NPL,就算经济不好,二手车market发展潜能巨大. 公司dividend pay out ratio高达60%!加上国行降息,融资成本应该会有进步,good to keep for long term!
Calendar Lee
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老板一直买进。。1.3x 的价位
Calendar Lee
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Wing Lim
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Time visitor 333
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Ah Wei
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如果没有impairment,net profit就很不错。没关系,公司大方派股息。好公司
Siew Ming Wong
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Leo Hong
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Compare to aeoncr, which company hav better future?
Chin Leong
haha 的确升比较少有考虑买回吗?
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没有...投资初期,ELKDESA RCECAP这种公司的确是我会投资的,但是想到成长风险方面...我选择更好的公司...
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Ks Wong
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请问有哪位大大可以分享为什么2014/15/17为何会做right issue。公司营业额和盈利都在成长?
Chin Leong
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Meng S.
因为hire purchase receivables增长啊,借出去的钱要增长才会有多收入啊。最近开始提高杠杆,hire purchase receivables会继续爆发性增长
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Cy Teh
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Meng S.
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profit before tax is better compare to last quarter, but this quarter's tax much more than last quarter, causing profit after tax lower than last quarter. why the tax so much higher this quarter?
Meng S.
"The effective tax rate of the Group for the current quarter ended 31 December 2019 was higher than the statutory tax rate due to certain expenses which were not deductible for tax purposes and under provision of taxation for prior year"

seems like should be affected this quarter only
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