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Rayno CWH
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Buyed it on early 2018 at 0.485, all time high price in the last 3 years. Rookie mistake. Burn already lo...
Robin Lai
nw cn buy very cheap nw
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Rayno CWH
I give up this counter already, buying others.
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Faris Jalaluddin
Your means?
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Kenny Tan
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Pung Ding
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Sam Ken Lon
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Khoo Ming Jau
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Boon Lee
shares, 8215 million (moon cheng)
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Lol.. Assuming each person own 1 shares la..
Share so cheap, minimum oso ppl have 10,000 shares la (rm1350). That drop to 800k ppl owned..
But we can oso easily see who is the major shareholders..
So end up not many shareholders la, max oso give u 10k shareholders lo.
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Mad Partner
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Anytime will fly
Mad Partner
Otw Tyson
These few days moves faster than usual
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jacky chan
take times dude ,not so soon @Mad Partner
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Chun Hua Ng
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Tyson Phang
oil will go 70 dollar .. now all in la..oil stock fly lor
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Reeve Yong
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Oil price 11 months high already..
Reeve Yong
Ya.. Cannot brain
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Lee James
Sooner oil price up to certain level, oil and gas operator will get this service provider Velesto more projects. Then, they will start the long pending drilling project. Now Drop a bit, It may be Flying high to sky soon.

Disclaimer : the above sharing is only for study purposes, there are not involved any advices for any purchase or selling. Kindly look for your own licensed financial advisor for your investment.
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Jason Yong
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shan tai
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Azman Ismail
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get ready...
SJ Soon
I don't think it will move
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shan tai
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yuen lincoln
Alamak, can’t move
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