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All Comments on RANHILL Reload

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Happy Shopground
what happen???
ha ha ha salah key in lo
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Jason Choong
buy call signal for ikan billis mcm dsonic haha
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khairul db
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Long term trader
Naim Firdaus
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already hold when the price still 0.78 until now...lucky me
Nicholas Lee
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take profits and go
shah LurVe
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Qr report... Loss
Johnny Yong
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Tabung Haji selling price will fall temporary
Engsiong Teo
Haji got almost 60,000,000 units shares can play in this counter.
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Johnny Yong
profit taking is keyword here
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Wht happen to ranhill, up so much
Blanc Tai
insider trade, see today news only come out, cunning company
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Johnny Yong
ranhill has some good projects lay out for them
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Sean Koh
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Tabung haji is one of the main holder for RANHILL. Will RANHILL get affected when Tabung Haji sell its asset to cover debt?
Hyb 38
Tabung Haji dispose so much, y no sbb ??
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Hyb 38
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up pls.....
chance to top up xD