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All Comments on SCIB Reload

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Tze Kang Len
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This counter major shareholder is Dr Abdul karim. He is chairman and set order books target as 1.5 billion. If able to hit the target, the market cap could rise to 600 mil. Which is almost double of current price. Hold tight and do not sell. See u at Rm6
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Soon Tak Tee
Hi, continue two days drop.
Good opportunity to buy???
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Black Whale
If not, I buy from you at 1rm. Judging from current govt chaos n coro virus. Call me when you need to cut loss
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Black Whale
Very soon the player will be out of bullets, thanks to govt and coro virus... All good will hv to end.
Jack Castello
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mahal loh mana ada uang
beh 6108
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jaga jaga lo
Kvin Li
give a shout when u exit
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Black Whale
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Nicely Fry up, make sure know how to exit. If not, the market will take its natural course.
Black Whale
Hopefully not another black Swan stocks. Price soar up below 50 cents to 2.65. No solid fundamental .Sold down 50 cents in just one hour and related counter Kpower down drastically as well.
Alex Chan
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Hahahaha knn 100 vol
Tze Kang Len
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new high. Serba vice President has been appointed to be CEO on Oct 1.
zharif zin
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waiting for signal..vroommm
Jia Hui
Bullish breakout from 1.10 with strong volume & this move pushes BB wider, shall allow more upside to pave its way. MACD did bullish crossover. Challenge at 1.25