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Belinda Looi's comment on DRBHCOM. All Comments

Belinda Looi
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come to me DRB
1 month ago · translate
Asphalt Malaysia
EPF disposed everyday at this high price. Maybe this year EPF can give good dividend to us.
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Er Xian
The amount is just ikan bilis to EPF's portfolio
Like · 1 month · translate
Yi Heng
i found that when EPF selling,the price of stock keep rising, every stock that epf selling almost like that lol haha maybe my eye blind
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Asphalt Malaysia
Yesterday 17 July EPF sold 2 Million shares at this high price. 很厉害套利, collect at RM2 sell at RM2.4 to market.
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Nick Chung
EPF is full time trader ! They sell I buy !
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