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TheEdge01 Jul, 2020 11:35am - 1 week ago

KUALA LUMPUR: Business volumes in the aviation and port sectors are expected to see an improvement in the second half of the year but may not return to pre-Covid-19 levels even next year, says Affin Hwang Capital research.
TheStar23 Jun, 2020 09:36am - 3 weeks ago

Nanyang15 Jun, 2020 17:10pm - 4 weeks ago

TheEdge15 Jun, 2020 14:00pm - 4 weeks ago

Nanyang14 Jun, 2020 00:07am - 1 month ago

Sinchew13 Jun, 2020 09:21am - 1 month ago

Orientaldaily12 Jun, 2020 21:11pm - 1 month ago

Weak Q2 will not permanently dent valuations
TheStar11 Jun, 2020 09:40am - 1 month ago

Sinchew05 Jun, 2020 10:26am - 1 month ago

TheStar05 Jun, 2020 08:20am - 1 month ago

KUALA LUMPUR: KLCC Prop & REITS - Stapled Securities (KLCCP) and Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) will replace AMMB Holdings Bhd and Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) as component stocks in the FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM KLCI).
TheStar04 Jun, 2020 21:52pm - 1 month ago

(吉隆坡4日讯)富时罗素(FTSE Russell)今天公布马股指数的半年检讨结果,市值大跌的大马机场(AIRPORT,...
Orientaldaily04 Jun, 2020 20:59pm - 1 month ago

Sinchew01 Jun, 2020 17:33pm - 1 month ago

Nanyang23 May, 2020 00:20am - 1 month ago

IF there is a benefit of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic amidst its onslaught on global economies, businesses will agree that it forces the adoption of fourth industrial revolution (IR4.0) measures upon them.
TheStar16 May, 2020 08:20am - 1 month ago

(吉隆坡15日讯)2019冠状病毒病对交通领域造成不同程度的破坏,港口业吞吐量大减、航空需求和运输服务中断,前景不乐观,最好减持交通股。 大马投行...
Nanyang15 May, 2020 21:40pm - 1 month ago