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TheEdge Wed, Jan 06, 2021 01:37pm - 1 month ago

KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 6): highlighted nineteen stocks at Bursa Malaysia’s afternoon close today.  All stocks indicated negative momentum.

The stocks with negative momentum were:

Amtel Holdings Bhd - up 25 sen at RM2.23

Bertam Alliance Bhd - up two sen at 17 sen

BSL Corp Bhd - up nine sen at 47.5 sen

Cam Resources Bhd - up 2.5 sen at 42 sen

CN Asia Corp Bhd - down five sen at RM2.3

DGB Asia Bhd - up three sen at 30 sen

EG Industries Bhd - up nine sen at 68 sen

HPMT Holdings Bhd - down 1.5 sen at 45 sen

Ipmuda Bhd - up nine sen at RM1.08

Kobay Technology Bhd - up 41 sen at RM3.5

Kretam Holdings Bhd - up 1.5 sen at 59.5 sen

Leweko Resources Bhd - down one sen at 18 sen

Malaysia Smelting Corp Bhd - up 10 sen at RM1.6

Nova MSC Bhd - up 0.5 sen at 10 sen

Omesti Bhd - up two sen at 60 sen

Rex Industry Bhd - up one sen at 27.5 sen

Theta Edge Bhd - up 5.5 sen at 95.5 sen

Toyo Ventures Holdings Bhd - up 41 sen at RM2.6

Xian Leng Holdings Bhd - up four sen at 66 sen

The list of stocks with momentum is generated using a proprietary mathematical algorithm highlighting stocks with a build-up in trading volume and price. The algorithm differentiates between stocks that exhibit positive (+ve) momentum and negative (-ve) momentum.

This list is not a buy or sell recommendation. It merely tells you which stocks are seeing higher than normal volume and price movements.

Related Stocks

AMTEL 1.910
BERTAM 0.135
BURSA 9.090
CAMRES 0.355
CNASIA 1.500
DGB 0.080
EG 0.865
HPMT 0.480
IPMUDA 0.780
KOBAY 3.780
KRETAM 0.635
MSC 1.880
NOVA 0.880
OMESTI 0.545
REX 0.225
S&FCAP 0.140
S&FCAP-WC 0.075
THETA 0.875


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