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Joined Sep 2017


died stock
fry stock
why need to fly
1 week · translate
topup some at 1.460/1.470 today

see how today
1 week · translate
dead stock
delist from bursa better
1 week · translate
the next fry stock mode base on a lot project recieved..
will see
1 week · translate
seem got some geng try to make retailer cut loss at 0.210
the unit big dump very heavy today
no wonder,wait end retracement only get in back
see u soon reach
1 week · translate
then tomorrow should be push more than.take some money to paid dividen
2 weeks · translate
will Push the price up?
2 weeks · translate
price 0.230 topup?
just wait for average if come lower
0.210 CL if drop
2 weeks · translate
is ok
price drop below 0.210
2 weeks · translate
accumulate is progress
2 weeks · translate
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