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Eiddie Gmael

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Joined Nov 2017


all to grave
9 hours · translate
payung dah koyak
10 hours · translate
est tomorrow.. if maintain today above 750
2 days · translate
ni kalau cutloss mesti naik kaw kaw sampai 30sen ni
1 month · translate
kossan go kossan. break 12 1st, then 13 then 14.
1 month · translate
tp rm2 . last time was in notion wc.. cannot hold long. this time with notion.. peace of mind
1 month · translate
rm5 no surprise
1 month · translate
dayang laaah tgh murah tu
2 months · translate
sedania need new chairman too.. then can follow inix.
2 months · translate
fuuhh yoo jauh dia terbang
2 months · translate
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