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TOPGLOV (7113) - Technical Analysis with ROE Quarterly movement

Technical Analysis with ROE Quarterly movement
- Due to Coronavirus breakout, TOPGLOV shares price has been shot-up like a rocket without any resistance. No doubt, this a speculation actions and shares price movement don't reflect company fundamental at all.
- Don't treat your lucks as a skills. Unless, you plans to leave the shares market after this round.
- Overall, we notices that TOPGLOV shares price is hard to sustain above RM6.00 even ROE Q2'18 at 20.68% or virus breakout news lately. Thus, we able conclude RM6.00++ is definely a strong resistance.
- With double bottom reversal measurement, TOPGLOV shares price hit all level of satisfaction point on Jan 28, 2020.
- Vertical volume (From Nov 29'18 to Feb 14'19)

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TOPGLOV (7113) - ROE季度变动的技术分析

- 由于冠状病毒的爆发,TOPGLOV的股价像火箭一样飙升,没有任何阻力。毫无疑问,这是一次投机行为,而股价走势完全不反映公司的基本面。 - 不要把自己的运气当作一种技巧。除非您打算在此回合后离开股票市场。 - 总体而言,我们注意到TOPGLOV的股价很难维持在6.00令吉以上,即使ROE Q2'18达到20.68%或最近有病毒爆发的消息。因此,我们可以得出结论,RM6.00 ++无疑是强大的抵抗力。 - 通过双底反转测量,TOPGLOV的股价在2020年1月28日达到了所有满意水平。

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MYEG (0138) - Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis
- MYEG was getting hot counter in the past week. The only question come to my mind was do we want to rush into the counter as a retail speculator. Let we work it out with simple math to support our thought.
- From Mar 22, 2019 to Oct 14, 2019, vertical volume concentrated at RM1.425 which have a great pressure on MYEG share price.
- Meanwhile, from Oct 14, 2019 to Jan 31, 2020, vertical volume concentrated at RM1.150. It is a great support on MYEG share price. In the past 9 trading days, the highest trading volume at RM1.325.
- With the consideration of triple bottom reversal pattern measurement, MYEG shares price achieved satisfaction of measure level at RM1.440.
- VWAP (Monthly basis) is RM1.271 on Feb 14. 2020.
- With all the measurement above, MYEG

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MYEG (0138) - 技术分析

- 过去一周,MYEG表现出众。我想到的唯一问题是,我们是否买进MYEG。让我们用简单的数学方法来计算以支持我们的决定。
- 从2019年3月22日至2019年10月14日,垂直交易量集中在RM1.425,对MYEG股价造成巨大压力。
- 同时,从2019年10月14日到2020年1月31日,垂直交易量集中在RM1.150。这对MYEG股价有很大的支持。在过去9个交易日中,最高交易量在RM1.325。
- 考虑到三重底反转模式的测量,MYEG的股价达到了RM1.440令吉的测量水平。
- 2020年2月14日的VWAP(每月)为RM1.271。
- 通过上述所有测量,在未来一周

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AIRASIA (5099) - Technical & Fundamental Analysis
Technical Analysis
- After AIRASIA declared 90 cents dividend, there was a big gap down from RM2.85 to RM1.99 on Jul 29, 2019. It is a good lesson for a dividend investor. Win a candy, loss whole candy house.
- For sure, airline service industry is cyclical industry which is majorly affected by oil price movement and high operation cost with low profit margin. Thus, it is suitable for speculation only.
- Based on vertical volume charting, we notice that there is a huge volume level at RM1.225 so the shares must trade above RM1.225 to maintain upward momentum.
- There was 2 gap down at RM1.350 and RM1.520 respectively but they are week resistance with consideration of trading volume.
- With lower low trading volume

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AIRASIA (5099) - 技术与基础分析
- 在AIRASIA宣布90分股息后, 股票价格从2.85令吉跌至1.99令吉。这对于股息投资者来说是一个很好的教训。赢了糖果,丢了个糖果屋。
- 可以肯定的是,航空服务业是周期性产业,受油价走势和高运营成本,低利润率的影响较大。因此,它仅适用于 适合投机者。
- 根据垂直交易量图表,我们注意到有巨大的交易量水平在RM1.225,因此股票必须在RM1.225以上交易以维持上升动力。
- 分别有2个缺口下跌 在1.350和1.520令吉,但考虑到交易量,我们认为它们是 较弱的阻力位。
- 由于较低的交易量(2020年2月5日-2020年2月7日)

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PERDANA (7108) - Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis
- After PERDANA inks time charter contracts worth RM50.1m on Jan 9, 2020, shares price don't reflect the positive new immediately and closed at RM0.400.
- Furthermore, the major shareholder started to acquire PERDANA via RCPS at RM0.325 which further increases buying force to push up PERDANA shares price on Jan 8, 2020 (Just right before good news!?)
- It is a really good study case for my own research.

More: https://www.fundamental-technical-analysis.com/
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PERDANA (7108) - 技术分析
- 在PERDANA于2020年1月9日签署总值5,010万令吉的定期租船合约后,股价未立即反映,并以0.400令吉报收。
- 此外,大股东开始通过RCPS以0.325令吉的价格收购PERDANA股票,这进一步增加了购买力,从而推高了PERDANA的股价在2020年1月8日(就在好消息之前!)
- 这对我的研究来说是一个非常好的学习案例。为什么

More: https://www.fundamental-technical-analysis.com/
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GKENT (3204) - 技术和基础分析
- 在2018年5月9日举行的第14届大选后,GKENT股价在三个交易日内从3.845令吉下跌63%至1.415令吉。
- 然后,它进入了大约1.5年的大箱型整理阶段(上限:RM1.315;底线:RM0.910)
- 最近,GKENT于2019年11月29日突破三角形形态,并试图反弹至0.985令吉。
- 但2019年第三季度财政公告后,它未能维持在0.985令吉上方并继续下跌趋势。
- RSI呈现钝化状态

More: https://www.fundamental-technical-analysis.com/More: https://www.fundamental-technical-analysis.com/
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