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Jual jela bro
2 weeks · translate
Dataprp kena uma hari tu pun steady je
4 weeks · translate
Silterra sign confirm
1 month · translate
Relax la bro shah rin. Long way to go
1 month · translate
Chill guys. Don't expect thing to go fast like before. Not healthy. Let it slowly hike up
1 month · translate
Okay Alex thanks bro. Should wait for the agreement to be signed first before fly higher right?
1 month · translate
You guys think TP 1.00 realistik x? Haha
1 month · translate
Very high chance bro. Hold je sampai 60c. No worries
1 month · translate
1 is realistic target but not this week for sure
1 month · translate
Price drop tomorrow kita add more. Confident guys. Be an investor. 5 months long way to go plus future prospect for the company
2 months · translate
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