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When others are chasing 'the stock', it is the time to 'cash out'. FEAR when others GREED

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Looks like wanna break the previous peak in mid term
48 minutes · translate
Dah jalan, Alhamdulillah
1 hour · translate
Power wallet, semua angkat
11 hours · translate
Bump, for you to catch 300
19 hours · translate
Dah lama tunggu, hahaha
22 hours · translate
Hari ni 1mar top up, esok jalan vroom2
23 hours · translate
This doesn't look good, have you seen the 115 chips unexhausted since last week
1 day · translate
Nanti naik balik, xkan dia nak tengok saja price di square one
3 days · translate
esok cirit rasanya
4 days · translate
Pergh, awal pulak dia release QR. Congrats bro
4 days · translate
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