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I don't know is there have someone Researched MUBL Balance Sheet from Dec 2019,Total Receivables, Net 92.38 78.02 71.18 66.05,Constantly rising means that there may be several bad debts that cannot be recovered!Still imagining that it will skyrocket. . .
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I think no one is playing this kind of stock anymore, because there is no trading volume, it is likely to be privatized or delisted soon
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absolutely !why not?hey!listening !I ’m just saying the truth that the days of accounts receivable for this company have increased from 41.9 days to 132 days, or you just want to close your eyes to trust them,you have your choose!I don't have any rumors!
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You are absolutely correct! Finally someone found it! Hope everyone wake up! God bless you! You such as Robin Hood!
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