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Chee Wei Liew

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Joined Jul 2018


O&G will be bad in next quarter report
21 minutes · translate
No more long term.... survive short and mid term first
20 hours · translate
what happen.... healthcare stocks all go up
21 hours · translate
who is dumping....
2 weeks · translate
Time to sell off.....
Record revenue but low profits and no dividends..... somemore IPO of the year.....
1 month · translate
where is the share register ?
1 month · translate
Wait til end Feb..... results should be out, read the article on The Edge
1 month · translate
buying for few days in a row....
1 month · translate
Attend their AGM.... ask those questions direct to the MD face...
1 month · translate
armada will win....still below NTA 0.59
1 month · translate
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