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6 days · translate
most of people are short term here. hehehe....
1 week · translate
today big market no good.
1 week · translate
today up 2 bits consider healthy grow.
1 week · translate
today not increase 4 bits but still have 2 bits was increased.
see this week touch 0.5 then hosay.
holi heng heng heng, holi ong ong ong!
1 week · translate
today down 2 bits tomorow up 4 bits only consider healthy.
then can go far and go high.
1 week · translate
Even get profited also lose time value.
I always ask my friend 15k gaji tinggi?
when he said yes.
I will tell him 15k gaji iatu setahun bukan sebulan.
then he will said rendah sangat.
free flow money better put others stock for short term.
this stock let it drop until pn17 and tutup.
2 weeks · translate
1day fly too high not a good sign,
little little up only can go long distance.
2 weeks · translate
diao la, sold almost half.
bolak liao.
but the shark holding a lot.
when I q 480 he eat until 470 u turn,
when I q 630 he eat until 620 u turn,
when I cancel order, he fly until 730.
means shark are doing left hand sale to right hand.
no out side coming.
want to goreng until rm2 to attract small fish?
2 weeks · translate
Brother, big shark clear stock.
3 weeks · translate
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