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Chee Hing Chan

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Joined Aug 2018


because today dividend bank in?
4 months · translate
yalo any clue?
4 months · translate
Yes. after sold cannot get back low price
5 months · translate
(吉隆坡4日讯) 万能万字积宝首奖再次突破3000万令吉的巨额奖金,积压效应已在上周六启动,并已连续2个开彩期无人中奖,您会是下一个千万富翁吗?
9 months · translate
a lot of market news followers didnt follow the story
9 months · translate
revenue is there; only profit because of the Tax settlement payment, i believe.
9 months · translate
4 cents... yes
10 months · translate
So already bought in?
10 months · translate
good time to in?
11 months · translate
Just sold. wait it drop back and restock.
1 year · translate
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