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Wait it retrace to test the support line.
Waiting for opportunities.
3 weeks · translate
Cup n handle. Waiting it breakout.
1 month · translate
U mean last year Q4 eps 1.91 sen?
1 month · translate
我知道了, 全部低过顶级的业绩都是不好的。LOL
5 months · translate
不是, 应该很多人都在SOS了。:s
8 months · translate
星期一,会不会有人喊 SOS ?
8 months · translate
Only if epf have above 5% of total share need to declare to bursa if buy or sell.
8 months · translate
Vivo, 建议不要一次出完全部子弹, 分开发。
以免被套了过不了自己那关 cut loss.
8 months · translate
Harta produce glove for its supplier, it’s supplier sell the glove at current market price. Harta produce glove for its supplier to make money.
(Act harta had sign contract with its supplier, next quarter wil see harta profit margin jump)
8 months · translate
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