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nicole,别那么急。跌破了trend line除非能上回去不然有可能去到2.74-2.80这个位置...
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surge in bond yields, investors worry so sell tech. anyway whatever reason isn't important, remember what i say. tech has rallied such a long time, need some corrections to be healthy.
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see the way you talk last week at unism. you talk nicely i talk nicely la
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try confirm your gf going for a date and suddenly next week, or next next week... kakaka
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aiya dont talk so much derick. you said confirm.ok? understand what does confirm mean?
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how many millions you loss? need me belanja you roti?
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??? Derick are you ok? when did i said i buy Dnex? only heard you said you buy oh.
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有人说Unisem confirm RM10 this week. 不知道是哪一个呢?还有一天就知道skl 还是神!
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