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Ice Lollipop

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Joined May 2019


謝謝你money king !等下進去看看
22 hours · translate
還有這樣的事!? hahaha
1 day · translate
The administrative expenses increased so much, cannot find the reason inside qr, any idea?
1 week · translate
Kok wei I don't think price in as the price for ghl before mco started is even lower than now.... Anyway just my 2 cents
1 week · translate
No dividend given this quarter T. T
2 weeks · translate
Bad quarter report....
2 weeks · translate
Thanks for the advice guys! Yaya in my watcist now is IGBREIT, SUNREIT and kipreit. SUNREIT though diversified but having the most growth among all. However, the growth related to tourism is such big impact now...
2 weeks · translate
Chen compared to sunreit how you think?
2 weeks · translate
7% dividend yield now I think nt bad, even higher than epf.... but I will try wait 0.8 to go in, may be 0.8 or maybe not 0.8...
2 weeks · translate
Kip not bad though
3 weeks · translate
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