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Fungal Investor

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May the bull be with you.

Joined Jul 2019


Zahari ada ape stock lagi yang kena lihat next week.. Kena bagi tau
5 days · translate
Chill just keep the stock.. Better than FD
2 weeks · translate
Fly durian fly...
3 weeks · translate
Oil price come back..
2 months · translate
I'm referring to property segment of YT and Budget 2020 (1mil threshold reduced to 600k). But I'm not sure if applicable to YT or not, as only for those launched projects which contributed to overhang issue. Actually can promote to Singaporean also.
2 months · translate
High rise can promote to Chinese Foreigners since foreign ownership reduced to 600k MYR
2 months · translate
Going to hit 10k trades
2 months · translate
Wah Hawkeye
2 months · translate
Break 0.195.. What's next..
2 months · translate
Mask if make high end one with good design and with color, maybe got market.. Got ppl complain black color only so dull..
2 months · translate
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