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It is easy to forget sometimes a share is not a lottery ticket, it's part of ownership of a company.

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6.6 should not be afraid lol.. 9x also should not be afraid, be smart, some ppl here keep post 3.5 TP all that to get your votes, know what you buy and keep calm, meanwhile new covid cases keep surging, why sell now if you have hold onto it for so long

Fat dividend every quarter, and HK listing coming..
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2.5 alot ppl waiting
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Msia only 32 mil population, business is world wide, msia only small portion

Vaccination in msia if got 4th wave MOH staff will kena strain, 9.4 mil target under phase 2 sure delay, 500k already hard to hit
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Some say 2 years later fall to 3.5 hahaha maybe 5 years later fall more.. Come back 5 years later :)
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Good morning everyone :)
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Some people just like to hold counter with positive net profit, hard to understand haha
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Likely hit record high soon, I'm not hoping for worst case but everyone should not lower guard down, even after vaccinated continue to wear mask, try not to get it after surviving for 1 year, some survived Covid but may have long term permanent issue with some organs
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Open after Jun 2021 see see
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No worries, no private placement cover debt also..
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Tesla de PE more Imba hahahaha imagine DIY similar PE hahaha
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