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singgah sat lepas rindu xD
4 hours · translate
i still remember this dream
9 hours · translate
the qr lousier than previous q1, but better than last q4. not sure how market will react
2 weeks · translate
ya quite a lot director bought
3 weeks · translate
nok karun mmg kalau aku masuk je confirm tido
1 month · translate
haha ya tukar dp fb dia auto tukar sini skali. tu dpt dua project skali tu. agak2 esok LU ke hahaha
1 month · translate
wah elly from epause u bought gbg also? i shud have just stayed in the damn epause
1 month · translate
tomoro maybe gapdown... rcps conversion
1 month · translate
journey down sepertinya haha
1 month · translate
amin. semoga 0.9 terus
1 month · translate
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