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Vin Low

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Joined Sep 2019


pandai main ni up sikit down sikit. tengok siapa x tahan....
3 days · translate
ni burung pipit x blh terbang tinggi
1 week · translate
dah rilek tahun2....
2 weeks · translate
bungkus and masuk Tong sampah......
2 weeks · translate
let wait and see...... hopefully
3 weeks · translate
another 3 months? :((((
3 weeks · translate
Dbhd to start bauxite mining. Tauke when is yr turn?
3 weeks · translate
lama tunggu dah...... harap2 cun mari
1 month · translate
bg naik sampai 30sen...
1 month · translate
buy when egm started..hope got huge discount for RI
2 months · translate
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