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3 days · translate
kl se几时会叫你卖呢?
1 week · translate
Damacai 2moro start can buy through app,izzit the app is provide by PUC?
2 weeks · translate
jacky Leong u are right,if u got more funds I suggest u try to add more at least 20%,so just KIV the 20% for one to three months. offcourse u can keep all too
1 month · translate
that's why I said throw back to 2014 review that time he sold PDZ and Maica...both also up few hundred %...
1 month · translate
his action really too slow, if he do this nine months ago, this counter's value might higher then careplus :))
1 month · translate
maybe what my guess is wrong..few years ago Tan sri also said disposed all his PDZ , after a while Pdz up more then 800%.., and then Tan Sri disposed another golden Goose maica, within he announced till sold out , also up few hundred %..I really don't understand a guy such rich one and hold his goose so long and previous name is golden finger,why always happens after sold out only up few hundred %
1 month · translate
this boss nickname got two, one is casio king, another one is cash king.
few years ago before his Pdz up 600% when he sold it, and same also maica(sunsuria). this time should be his 2021 showtime, let see wherethe GPA will look like Inix or pnepcb or another careplus.
1 month · translate
快加油买吧,每天跌每天买量增加一个10%,只要有三五百个抱团一起买,说不定新年前大家就可以成为一个抱团大股东,到时手套线一开跑,不论是价钱到马星还是像careplus,大家都可能成为百万千万了~Huat ah
1 month · translate
这股今年会告诉他的身边过客: [今天你对我不睬不理,明天你就会高攀不起]。
1 month · translate
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