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Why the owner keep selling the share one... Don't they think is undervalue by market? As everyone expects to be profit on next Q.... Really don't understand... Or they think is overvalued
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How to count. Q3:Earn 129M(73sen) Nta 23.3 - 0.58=22.7..why this Q4 earn 144M...NTA lower than last Q, and where is this Q money?
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Please everyone...dont expect have dividend from genting...no expection please....so dont factor this for the share price...if have dividend is super good bonus liao....
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I believe most of investor here are looking forward to the 50%~100% capital gain in coming 2 yrs . So please dont expect any special dividend and if there is its a bonus to all...cheers...so uncle if have special dividen will open even higher...
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If u can goreng this up...alot ppl clap hand ...lol
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In yr 2014: profit is 2b : share price RM6, in yr 2021: profit around 1.2b or less?? : share price worth RM3.8...still hv room to drop right to align the profit down trend....
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Sir, how to count the fair price?
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Stay positive...remember last year topglove is rise from RM4 to now at RM18(before bonus RM6x3 ). Still this level top glove is actually have reward us with high growth and profit....
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Just wonder when will it rise le...malaysia share market abit weird. Only goreng share will up...in HK AIA already up many fold lo...if this is in HK, i think already It worth more than 100....
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