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Wah ahkeat still hold ah
8 hours · translate
I believe the fundamentals is there. But sadly being thrown.
10 hours · translate
The swords about to cross, give time to prepare.
1 day · translate
Looking good
1 day · translate
Why me leh. Dato Lau give angpao red one since cny. Xamik ke. Hahhaha
1 day · translate
Just want to ask if cny giving red angpao have finish?
1 day · translate
Invest in gets global better.
1 day · translate
They have shot many times la since first day trade 2021
2 days · translate
3rd floor is good... 4th floor feel like nvr reach anymore.... although PE 4th is 19
3 days · translate
I just know that he is a conman....
3 days · translate
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