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asb kena sangkut. I pon ni. fedup. esok naik jual aje. counter super siput.
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ASB dah beli pon tk naik naik. counter ni counter gajah. dah sangkut kat 0.12
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ini betul betul stock gajah lah.
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anyone hv insight as to why the sudden surge in selling volume? this is tech stock?
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betul, dah kena trapppppppp. ni sapura kasi I sakit hati je!!!!
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the rest of O&G dah naik byk. boleh lah Cuba tikam ni sapura. gamble sikit. mcm potential je. sesal tk masuk kat 0.08. biar untung sikit, janji ada untung lah.
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those who can't tell the diff between 0.04 & 0.40. an honest advise for u: stay out of stock market, is safer for u.
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 1) 30% PP ~0.055
2) director acquired shares 0.055
3) SIS for employee (as benefit) 0.055

With the 3 factors above, i believe something is going to happen in med to long term. 
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