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I already going recovery stocks
Already quit all healthcare stock since my first comment here
Actually after COVID 19, gloves & vaccine will be decrease by a lot in terms of usage
Look at chicken pox example, it will be like a normal cheap vaccine, and gloves also become cheaper lah
So idk why in the past people here keep saying sell gloves to buy here...
U see, gloves drop u all also drop, u all same category, yet u all go hate gloves...
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yee von, do ur own judgement. U see the date they promise u to push, it never did and never happen.
Future don't know go up or down, we never know.
Better for u to do ur own judgement. I didn't invest in any healthcare stocks already, it go up or down it's not my issue anymore. My comment will be very neutral here.
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vaccine related stuff given to other competitors? MYEG and 1 company now damn hot, everyone swift there to play le
The only weakness, is ur own competitors
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He already left
Idk why people still listen to him
MyEg won the contract already
U don't believe me, go look at all the news
Go to MYEG, not here
4 months · translate
MyEg wins vaccine contract, stop le, don't spread fake news
Winner is no longer for this counter, but in MYEG
4 months · translate
Somewhere here is reasonable, not to spook off existing shareholders
I also buy here and sell at RM17 le
Round 2 buy around RM16
4 months · translate
Lol, when public bank RM16 to RM14 why didn't buy?
I buy at RM16 I diam diam je
Sold at 11.11.2020 at RM17 something haha
History repeats itself
4 months · translate
Makan popcorn for Budget 2021 haha
who wins who lose we all also don't know
4 months · translate
Same. don't get me wrong, this is good company. just looking for bargain hunting haha.
4 months · translate
This person keep on saying gloves no hope
Yet I see this counter also drop, following gloves.
Drop lesser than gloves, but didn't go up a lot also. Karma?
Have u ever wonder maybe if u talk less, stop simply say stuff, maybe ur counter can fly more? Maybe no effect Lah...
Why is it important to protect ur own ego? So ego is more important than ur own money? I make money in banks and Tenaga I also didn't say much. U all make losses I also didn't say much, coz no one like. Manners make a man.
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