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Saudee TP to the moon...
3 weeks · translate
warrant is in the money now, so it's a different scenario.....
0.14 + 0.50 = 0.64 vs 0.78.
its 0.14... so tomorow continue fly to the moon
1 month · translate
won't cuci now, as operator already collecting since the last JV with Taiwan failed, as many kena game and operator collecting non stop since then, from 0.08 till 0.11 range.
today buying rate is very very high, that's why u can smell something brewing behind
1 month · translate
if ytd buy for 0.005,today highest already +1,400%, super rich for those collected ytd
3 months · translate
-he is now 60 yrs old, want to live till 120 yrs old

- he considers all his 20k staff as his children. Whoever better will lead, not necessary his sons.

Credit belongs to original creator, I just repost... thanks
7 months · translate
-gloves generally up 10% to 15%, but now at 50% during pandemic

-now is 5 cycles in history, but cycle is different

-aim to list in HK next year

-aim to break into Fortune 500 companies after Petronas ( but not mentioned which yr)
7 months · translate
-New entrant to market is natural, but whether they can sustain after 3 years is another question.

-Waiting period .. nitrile 620 days

-emphasising on automation and digitalization in production. TG has 6 R&D centres, with 750 staff, of which 300+ are engineer. 30+ r PHD
7 months · translate
Takeaway of the interview on 8TV Money Matters (11.09.2020, 9pm):
- Indicate that next Thurs market cap will likely exceed Public & Maybank

- Be patience, results will be good.

- on competition, gloves is competitive as it is global biz. There r 250 factories globally, but left 20% only
7 months · translate
parking only... haha
7 months · translate
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