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Drop back to 0.6 cent please.
2 hours · translate
i want to see the bo-ss + retailer + epf can endure how long in this counter...
3 hours · translate
let see who no CL the who regret :-)
3 hours · translate
Those ppl still sangkut at top, then wait the QR report and see...wa...good, then won't throw and hoping it up again.
3 hours · translate
below 0.6 can consider.
4 hours · translate
Ya, fifo play.. 1.89 resistance. Dun sell on high bcs low ppl stuck on higher condo.. Hehe.. 4-5% also happy play like that.
11 hours · translate
Haha, only those dono d ppl will go to hoot9. Now still not a good timing..
12 hours · translate
Tml you will see more red red ong ong.....
1 day · translate
DaTO CuRrY, please come out save Your SUPPOTER retailer.... :-(
1 day · translate
Correct, now not a good entry yet.. Tml still cont bleeding... Take Care !!!
1 day · translate
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