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Jun Kit

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Joined Jul 2020


Any news ?
1 week · translate
Benedict, u run already ?
2 weeks · translate
Nice bro, u join since 22 july I see your comments on other stock also ‘game over’, ‘gone case’, ‘no show’, ‘foresee downtrend’, ‘otw to holland’. And barakah delist. Yeah... hopefully your comment is accurate. Faster run
3 weeks · translate
Wandering why the court hearing on 7/9 and 14/9 did not announce here... whats the result ?
1 month · translate
Patience is the key of success.
1 month · translate
Already Pn 17 n no NTA For more than 1 year. Very very dangerous. Faster run
1 month · translate
My five cents only bruh. Wait until neck also long already
1 month · translate
Court hearing was delayed due to Petronas has a higher priority case. 1.3b SST with Sarawak. Just settled in August. Now barakah’s turn. Petronas most probably will just withdraw the suit against barakah and ask barakah to withdraw the suit as well with awarding a contract to Barakah as a compensation. My five cents only.
1 month · translate
Ugly closing... like same pattern on 15th June
1 month · translate
After petronas settle with barakah ba.
1 month · translate
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