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@Terrance, base on past announcements records at May/Jun period. Just have to wait for announcements later after AGM
3 days · translate
Digi & Celcom merge = DiCel ??
4 days · translate
Company continues SBB again, use the existing actual cash from propose dividend to perform SBB, then once hit 1% of company issue share, company distribute back 1:100 to all shareholders. Is this what’s the company strategy to maintain it’s market cap?
5 days · translate
If drop to 0.6 will average down
5 days · translate
Yeah true... but if drop further will continue accumulate some because the fundamental of this counter is strong. A good potential growth for Long term investment.
1 week · translate
Start accumulating little bit at 0.625.
1 week · translate
If have RM1.00, I’m already happy. Hold for almost 8mths, still hang at this price & cannot break RM1
1 week · translate
This company profit margin is mostly depends on USD. Recently USD hike maybe benefit for it’s next QR..
1 week · translate
Buy some positions in 0.825 to average down
1 week · translate
This counter maybe no hope... can throw away the investment if price hit 0.90 again & park the fund at others company.
2 weeks · translate
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