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harap boleh maintain kasi break downtrend hahaha
1 day · translate
@Amin what is ur TP? how far dnex can go?
2 weeks · translate
baik beli mak dia. bodo dah anak dia ni.
2 weeks · translate
please one more long green candle. haha
2 weeks · translate
lets see if tomorrow can break 0.525. if yes, 0.60 could be short term TP. if you understand trend of steel counters after big green candle there will be callback next days. but, EV will start using aluminium to lighten the EV. hope with this news it will stop cursing of steel counters. haha
2 weeks · translate
EV will use a lot of aluminium to lighten weight of EV
2 weeks · translate
downtrend channel broken. tomorrow will test 0.525 first
2 weeks · translate
last minute push gogogo
2 weeks · translate
lack of volume today
4 weeks · translate
when it fall it also fall stronger than mother
1 month · translate
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