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Kok Shen Teh

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Joined Mar 2017


Hi Cheng. I thought new license or renewals would be reflected in revenue and actual collection of money is reflected in receivables. Secondly, I concur with your suggestion that the platform is not growing fast enough as reflected in past 4 qtr revenue. After they completed their Russian job, I don't see them being able to sell their license elsewhere
2 months · translate
Better luck next time.
3 months · translate
New factory should show improved margins and order take up. Otherwise no point building new plant with same capacity and efficiency.
6 months · translate
it will an interesting price movement later
1 year · translate
time to be a fundamentalist and buy if you think company has good future and fundamentals
1 year · translate
I think prolly to wash people out, but that is just my opinion.
1 year · translate
it was 3.38 just an hour ago.
1 year · translate
saw how it rebounded?
1 year · translate
Either insider news knowing rail contract x get if not someone is purposely pushing it down to chase contra players out
1 year · translate
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