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YTLPOWR 不要每次上到0.75就跌回,你是赚钱公司,希望你一天可以上到1.08,给人开开心心
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Chen yee liew, 好东西分享出来给人知道,是没有错的,做人不可以自私。
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Min Kuan Lau, didn't u read carefully? I said RM900/lot. Buy more of course get more. Didn't u said TOTO better than Airasia? What are u trying to say? Should u have 6lots and get RM5400 good for u, No need to brag here :) nothing to do with me, else you wanna to share your dividend with me ? Haha I don't mind. No offence this wall is just for everyone to share their piece of mind.
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Min Kuan Lau, for AirAsia border closed, making loss how to give u dividend?how do u make such comparison between BJTOTO & AIRASIA?
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Min Kuan Lau, do u understand what am I saying? I'm saying BJTOTO is stingy. Did u really bought this share? If u look at it, 2019 given 4 times dividend 0.035-0.045, 2020 currency dividend only twice 0.040 + share dividend only at 1:100. This year how do you know 0.025 will give 3 times? Least to maintain 0.040 profit earning qr yet dividend becomes lesser. Compare to GENTING,making loss last year yet still give 3times dividend to ensure investor's confidence.
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Min Kuan Lau 云顶亏大钱都会给MYR60.00,也是一年给三次,舍不舍的你慢慢去摸索。
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AirAsia 亏大钱怎样给你股息???AirAsia上次一张给MYR900.00
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ANNJOO 可以上到3点多的,不要听他们讲,耐心等待
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