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Every year 7%? What’s your average?
3 days · translate
Meaning buy now?
4 days · translate
How o? Buy now or how?
1 week · translate
Between maxis and digi, which is better? It seems like digi is the cheapest and gives out the most dividend.
1 week · translate
Can someone explain why this reit is good? I mean 4-5% yearly, many reits give that such as sunreit, pavreit, uoa reit with lower share price. Why this share is good? Can someone teach me?
1 week · translate
Do I join the crowd now or wait for price to drop?
2 weeks · translate
I only have 1 unit at 4.06. I’m thinking whether to top up a not? Any advice and what’s your average?
2 weeks · translate
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