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typo error? seem like greater low 0.355
3 hours · translate
ofcos is better choice. gdex i always avg down and earn back.
20 hours · translate
burger not thick la.... when burger compress fully baru 5mm also not sampai..
22 hours · translate
0.4 drop to 0.355 good QR... haha... joke counter.
23 hours · translate
Stock buybacks, although they can provide benefits, have been called into question in recent years.

There's been a large rise in buybacks over the last decade, with some companies looking to take advantage of undervalued stocks, while others do it to artificially boost the stock price.

Buybacks can help increase the value of stock options, which are part of many executives' compensation packages.

Buyback programs can be easier to implement than dividend programs
1 day · translate
you can sum up total ticket from 2016 to 2021 share buy back. the way gdex to privatisation is still super long way, if he really want.
they own too less, so they have to buy back, is normal.

1 day · translate
banker sendiri play la. this vol should happen in the morning. cannot enter top30 nobody play
2 days · translate
the banker put a stop at 0.365 mean they request for down, not up ....
2 days · translate
this counter will up if many retailer sell. all want profit who rugi? shark won't push eh.
3 days · translate
anybody buy today? QR so good and drop 4% good chance
5 days · translate
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