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looks like I missed the boat... will it come down some more? haha...
2 days · translate
looks like good qr coming
2 days · translate
QR almost out I think... don't quite understand y ppl want to sell this share... hold for dividend also not bad ma...
4 days · translate
so late o... but I bought b4 ex date.. thanks for the info
6 days · translate
hi guys... anyone using mplus? how does this DRP works? because I didn't receive dividend in bank account? any form that I need to fill in?
1 week · translate
wow... what happens here?
1 week · translate
seems like this is a good stock... consistent dividend payout... positive income every year... 3 months uptrend... can some pro enlighten me?
1 week · translate
price getting more an more attractive.... observe first...
2 weeks · translate
3 weeks · translate
any insider news to share?
3 weeks · translate
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