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Turning point pulak hahahaha byebye censof and hello dnex GG COUNTER CENSOF
2 weeks · translate
GG counter
3 weeks · translate
Dont use fake account la
1 month · translate
Just hold guys, this counter is following dnex and censof has more projects, that’s a good news. Hold and watch hehe
1 month · translate
PENTHOUSE bro hahaha...
1 month · translate
Gogogogo fly with censof tomorrow!
1 month · translate
Censof is 2nd largest shareholder of DNex at 7.2%
1 month · translate
Break resistance gogogo censof follow dnex! Today close high tomorrow morning follow dnex go higher!
1 month · translate
Hoot kaw e! Dnex reaching 0.7 lo this company only 0.39 all in
1 month · translate
你没有买到低价是吗 gg
2 months · translate
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