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Kin Boon, Chong

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Joined Jul 2017


if the whole board of Directors change, tomorrow will go up to 0.21
4 days · translate
look like that is their intention. they create 157 mil share for private placement. I doubt the placement is for energies that company. this share is a gamble.
6 days · translate
Base on capital gain?
2 weeks · translate
How low can this stock goes?
2 weeks · translate
I think this is good. It will fly, if they can control their supplies. or else they just be walking instead of flying.
3 weeks · translate
how? hope for a change in BOD. or else no hope for this counter.
1 month · translate
I gamble when 0.075 before EGM. Consider this a bet as in Casino. which mean prepare to lose 100%.
1 month · translate
below..... ?? u buy?
1 month · translate
I don't think the war end. a lot of ESOS have be converted even the share price is below to battle on the boardroom. almost if not 100% control by two groups of ppl (less than 20). the current board of director doesn't seem to interest in make the company P&L better. the company is losing q to q, yet issue so many ESOS. not guessing, it is for the benefit of a handful ppl. now, let wait for Kim's group action. buying this is equal to gamble.
1 month · translate
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