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GENERAL MEETINGS: Outcome of Meeting


Type of Meeting Annual General Meeting
Indicator Outcome of Meeting
Date of Meeting 08 Nov 2019
Time 03:00 PM
Oak 1 & Oak 2 Meeting Room
Oakwood Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur
222, Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan (KL)
Outcome of Meeting

The Board of Directors of Plenitude Berhad ("Plenitude" or the "Company") wishes to announce that at the Company's 19th Annual General Meeting (‘19th AGM’) held today, all the resolutions set out in the Notice of 19th AGM dated 17 October 2019 were duly passed by the shareholders of Plenitude.

The voting in respect of all the resolutions was carried out by way of poll and the results were validated by Sharepolls Sdn Bhd, the Independent Scrutineer appointed for the purpose.

The details of the said results is set out below.

This announcement is dated 8 November 2019.

Voting Results

Resolution Vote in favour Vote Against Results
No. of Shares % No. of Shares %
Ordinary Resolution 1
Declaration of Final Single Tier Dividend
292,004,120 99.999452 1,600 0.000548 Carried
Ordinary Resolution 2
Payment of Directors’ Fees for the financial year ending 30 June 2020
291,683,970 99.888480 325,650 0.111520 Carried
Ordinary Resolution 3
Re-election of Madam Chua Elsie as Director
291,636,620 99.982344 51,500 0.017656 Carried
Ordinary Resolution 4
Re-election of Mr Tan Kak Teck as Director
291,633,720 99.982241 51,800 0.017759 Carried
Ordinary Resolution 5
Re-appointment of Auditors
291,688,820 99.999880 350 0.000120 Carried
Ordinary Resolution 6
Payment of Meeting Allowance for Non-Executive Directors
291,683,220 99.998800 3,500 0.001200 Carried
Special Resolution 1
Adoption of the New Constitution of the Company
291,682,520 99.998817 3,450 0.001183 Carried
Ordinary Resolution 7 T1
Retention of Mr Tan Kak Teck as Independent Non-Executive Director
122,824,726 100.000000 0 0.000000 Carried
Ordinary Resolution 7 T2
Retention of Mr Tan Kak Teck as Independent Non-Executive Director
168,805,894 99.780113 372,000 0.219887 Carried

Announcement Info

Stock Name PLENITU
Date Announced 08 Nov 2019
Category General Meeting
Reference Number GMA-30102019-00016