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Andy Yeoh's comment on LHI. All Comments

Andy Yeoh
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Its a trap guy. Keep your money better
6 months ago · translate
Mak Yun
U r Right, value no better than layhong Rm.0.45 stil danger to invest S/L terms!!
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Andy Yeoh
Go Lay Hong 0.45 with TP 0.47 take profit better
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boon teck tan
yes andy buy layhong better
will gap up one day at least 0.600
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Andy Yeoh
Push my post up. Its a trap from day 1. NO one believe?
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kok jason
how do u know is a trap 2 months ago?what is the real value of LHI?
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* P90
Just study the fundamentals to get your answer. Too many obvious red flags. NPm, roe, roa, current ratio, cash ratio.. All below average (compare with peers), their debt to equity is higher than average (compare with peers), no dividend( ATM), high ccc (above average compared to peers), etc.. Idk why would anyone invest in this company. At this point, I don't even bother looking at valuation.. Pointless.
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