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E. T.
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Just my 2 cents. If ethanol is used in disinfectant or hand sanitiser, like gloves, the revenue should go up during pandemic. How come it is still making loss? Not making any sense.
Jack Tan
Yalor! Why still red and price also not fly up
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E. T.
Yeah and now requested to double production. Not sure how it would impact its revenue. Better dun jump onto its bandwagon yet.
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Nylex say you cui? I
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Tan Zhengwei
according to the annual report saying that ethanol is only contribute 18% of revenue, others income is from PVC produce and others construction materials. if this company turn all capability to ethanol revenue only will spike up, if not will also increase around 20% of revenue.
if really think that will spike up maybe look out for the announcement from company what they will do.
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