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Edmund Saw's comment on CMMT. All Comments

Edmund Saw
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0.60 is target, pump to 0.90 is 50% back to 1.2 is 100%. wait for 0.60! In positive all the things is slowly recover. Aim half recover before end of December 2020
not possible, coz EPF is sapu now
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Melvin Chang
anyone take dividend share reinvestment plan? or let it go?
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jack ong
Good to buy?
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Rabinder Singh
Let it go..better to accumulate now
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Tan Swee Chun
i thought thedividend is reinvestment, how come i get the money one instead of units? Anyone can clarify? thanks!
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the dividend reinvestment need you manually fill up form to opt in, otherwise, the dividend will paid in cash by default
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Tan Swee Chun
oh i see, thanks Look~!!!
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