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Zhenghao Yu
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Uncle teik chye lost his mind d... He got ashamed into anger from embarrassment by us... But we were only telling the truth...he forgot something...his pocket is completely incomparable with genting.... Shouting march only makes himself looks pathetic....
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teikchye kee
What is 10yrs, chicken-feets lah.
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Zhenghao Yu
What is 10 years? You are like 10 years old kid now..... Ppl growing up... but you acting like an infant.... so is regress....
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Fook Ong Yap
Haiz~buying glove counter is just like catching the falling knife, drop 10 days up 1 day if lucky. Stupiak to touch glove counter
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lorance lau
10 years is not important..?....old really doesnt gives wisdom to one.
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Ws G
why is everyone shooting that uncle ?
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Yenni Huang
Ws G
Sangat panjang story...

But the point is.. All not happy caused uncle always said genting will falling down falling down..

Aaaaa macam itulah
Sometimes pity to uncle but after read his comment aduiii memang patut lah kena marah..

Dia cabar orang jual genting..
Seperti ini lebih kurang

" then SELL it lah if u dare"

Sell and buy is our decision

This is no manners lah if suruh orang jual atau beli

Orang punya suka mah..
Wang pun sendiri punya
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Fire Maxi
Why everyone shooting uncle?
simple answer, because uncle only used #Mulut Jamban# to talk ...
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