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Wins Harvest
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Be careful for those who trade AA.. There are few suspicious point behind it..
Louis Koo
how to say hahahahahaha
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adda pang
ples tell us....thx
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say what out. don't just say like this lol. or u want us to join ur classes ?? hahahahahahaha
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siochuo hii
Terlalu careful sampai dia tak dapat tiket murah. Masa murah asij be carefulx2. Itu pasal sekarang mau orang lain jual. Hahahaha
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Alex Scott
hahahaha, love when people say like that
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Too much debts? got money meh, no fly for 1 year
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John Li
yea , no fly 1 year that is why under value , and going to fly hight after can flight .. no money ?? already over 500m investor money in aa this pass 1-4 months , no money ?? AA investing AA delivery in over 6 to 8 country by giving free delivery for 3 months ?? no money ?? AA is cooperating with flying taxi project which going to implement year 2023 .. no money ?? AA teleports biz still proift 150 million , no money ?? GOv give biz to AA to carry vacciine , no money ??? gov will help as yearly they can gain 200-500 million tax for AA once operating as usual .. regating the debts , it is long term 50 years debts, AA each year have ability to earn 2000-4000 millions operating profit ..
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JeevS GOne
Tell us the points la... mahai say like that my grandmother also can la diu
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